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AGM C8 Frunk Button Blocker

AGM C8 Frunk Button Blocker

CHEAP INSURANCE! Introducing the AGM Front Trunk Button Blocker.  Did you know your C8 Corvettes hood can be popped if an object in your truck taps the emergency release button? The emergency release button was put in place by GM as a safety standard. HOWEVER, if an object in your trunk (groceries, tools, bottles etc) strikes the button accidently, it will cause your front hood to OPEN IMMEDIATELY, regardless of speed! Our AGM Button Blocker protects this from happening and simply plugs into the aux power port next to the emergency release button, blocking objects from coming into contact with the button. The Button Blocker can be easily removed if the emergency release needs to be used or if use of the aux power port is needed. ALWAYS IN STOCK!
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