AGM C8 Corvette Front Strut/Shock Tower Covers

AGM C8 Corvette Front Strut/Shock Tower Covers

SKU: AG24-25

We've found a solution for the issue on all 2020+ C8 Corvette that allows water to pool in the front strut towers. When any water drains from the windshield it pools on top of the shock/strut towers as they have no drain holes, causing the top nut and bolts to rust. The AGM tower covers prevent the water from entering the strut towers. Made from 100% carbon fiber, they will stand the test of time. Installation takes less than 30 minutes with minimal tools. We offer 2 different kits (please choose), one for customers who have magnetic ride and one for customers without magnetic ride control.


Kit includes:

-(2) Carbon Fiber Front Strut Tower Covers


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