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AGM C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Ultimate Engine Bay Package

AGM C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber Ultimate Engine Bay Package

Fits: 2020+ Stingray, Z06 & ERay


Do you want to get rid of the ugly unfinished look of your factory engine compartment? Look no further. Finish up the look of your engine bay with the AGM 100% Carbon Fiber Ultimate Engine Bay Package, adding the look it deserves. Our covers are designed with our signature "V" pattern on the middle section, and are designed in house to compliment our Carbon Engine Cover & Mid-Covers (sold separately). Manufactured in PrePreg carbon using the latest in AutoClave Technology, not “top layer” fiberglass covered like competitors.


Installs easily using supplied 3M tape. -ADD our Mid Covers & Engine Cover to complete your TOTAL carbon package!


Ultimate Package includes (3 total pieces):

-Left cover

-Middle cover

-Right cover


*Purchase Rear Strut Tower Covers: HERE

*Purchase Corner Covers: HERE

*Purchase Rear Window Covers: HERE




1) Since these install with tape, if I need to, how easy is it to remove and reinstall them without damaging them? After time, will the heat from the engine loosen them up?

1A) ANSWER- If you needed to remove them, we’d suggest using a heat gun to loosen up the tape. Heat from the engine bay will not affect the 3M tape as the areas do not see much heat at all.


2) I have the Factory Carbon Fiber option on my car so I already have the "Mid Covers". How close is the carbon look and can I continue to use them with your Ultimate kit or will they not work together?

2A) ANSWER- Our Carbon is a close match to the GM Carbon color. It’s not a perfect match but it’s close. Yes you can continue to use your OEM mid covers, however our mid covers would look better with our kit. Customers typically sell their stock mid covers for $8-900, our covers are $799.


3) How do the rubber bumpers on the lid interface with your kit? Do they apply pressure/rub on the lid when the lid is closed, or do they not close on your parts when the rear lid is closed? Do they have to be adjusted?

3A) ANSWER- The rubber bumpers do not interfere with our covers at all. We spent the time to locate the bumper holes on the covers and mold around those areas. (See website photos on car with circular holes in the middle and cutaways on the sides).


4) How do you care for the parts? Just clean with a damp rag, or use some special Carbon Fiber cleaner?

4A) ANSWER- You can treat all of our carbon parts just like any painted part on your car. We use PPG UV resistant clear coat on all of our products for a long lasting shine and finish.

    PriceFrom $1,199.00
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